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Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

We might be practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Easter. Below are some fun activities and ideas so you can celebrate Easter using things found around your home.

Eggcellent Craft Ideas

Paper Eggs
Create and draw your very own paper eggs as a family. Grab some paper, cut out egg shapes, and get coloring! Want to step it up a notch? Turn on some happy music and look up silly Easter jokes and write them on the back of the eggs. Have someone hide the eggs around the house and host your own Easter egg hunt filled with laughs.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies
Use toilet paper tubes to create cute little creatures.

Toilet Paper Bunny Easter Craft

Cup Bunnies and Baskets
Use cups to make bunnies or candy baskets. Paint them white and glue on paper ears and eyes. We recommend filling them with jellybeans or yummy chocolates.

Decorate Easter Eggs
If you want to decorate Easter eggs and are looking for some unique and new ideas click here.

Homemade Easter Baskets
If you don’t have an Easter basket, here are a few great options you can use to create one from everyday items at home.

  • Each member of the house can paint and design their own flowerpot.
  • Take an empty tissue box and cut off the top. Paint the outside of the box or wrap it in bright wrapping paper. For a handle, glue a ribbon to either side of the box or you can use a piece of fabric. Another option would be to glue cotton balls to the outside of box and glue on some paper ears so everybunny is happy.

Sock Bunnies
Create sock bunnies. Cute ideas here.

Spring Into Action

Dress Up
Just because you’ve been social distancing doesn’t mean you have to rock your pajamas every day. Take this time to shake up your quarantine and try on some fun spring attire or put on your favorite Easter outfit.

Connect with Family and Friends
Schedule a FaceTime or Zoom brunch with your friends and family. Maintaining a connection is important and what’s better than seeing the faces of your loved ones?

Home Photo Booth
Set up a photo booth in your home! Hang a fun sheet as the backdrop and dig through old Halloween costumes for silly hats and props. You can also create your own photo booth props out of paper and glue them to the ends of popsicle sticks. Take silly pictures with your family that you will remember fondly for years to come.

Easter Cocktails
Stir up some Easter-themed cocktails. Try some of these incredible recipes.

New Traditions
See this as an opportunity to start something new. You can make bunny shaped pancakes to start your day or decorate the living room with homemade Easter crafts.

Easter Games
Play some games! Download 6 free printable games for the entire family 

Easter Brunch or Dinner
Try some of our favorite Easter recipes here. Or if you aren’t in the mood to cook, order from a local restaurant’s Easter menu.

Happy Easter!